The Royal Treatment-
Our VIP! Membership Program

  • Priority Scheduling:
    availability, even in the shortest of notices!
  • Be Fee Free:
    NO late notice booking fees, NO cancellations fees
    , unused visits due to early returns are credited!
  • Pooper Scooper:
    Bi-Monthly our staff comes in to free your yard of all those poo piles! Some snuggles and ball tosses included for the four-legged landmine detection helpers!
  • The Mighty Litter Box:
    We come by twice a month to scrub Ms Kitty’s potty box sparkly clean, give it a fresh refill
    and clean up the area(s) around the mighty litter box(es)
    [please provide litter and other supplies]
  • Shopping Trip:
    We get and deliver your wishlist for Fido and Ms Kitty once a month per your pet supply shopping list from your preferred store.
    [merchandise is charged separately]

Our VIP! Membership Royal Treatment - ONLY $99/month!