Do You See The Ant Running Around The Rim Of The Tray In The Picture Above?
It sure would love to get to the cat food BUT…. ants do not swim! :)

You may be with me when it gets to feeding those poor stray kitties out there so someone would take care of them and next thing you know (like not but a minute or two later), there is this huge Texas ant highway appearing out of nowhere, going in the food bowl and coming out the other side and the bowl itself looking like an anthill all together.
Bowls worth of cat food I already had to waste!

Even in inside your home you aren’t safe as these little critters seem to smell the cat or dog food from miles away and right through the walls.
Now pesticides are not or should not be an option to get rid of this pest with having pets but there is an awesomely easy little trick to trick those ants….because…. they can’t SWIM! [puts a new meaning to “Trick or Treat”] ;)


The How To A tray of water against ants

Take a shallow tray or bowl which is larger then the food bowl
and fill the tray with a bit of water, just enough to cover the bottom is fine~ not to get the food bowl to float (haha, I did that once by accident and my cats got quite annoyed with the food moving around on them…. mean kitty Mom!). It keeps the ants away from your cat’s (or dog’s) food!

Try it out and let me know how it works for you. :)

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