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Totally no worries, best pet service ever!

Chicken 'Nugget'

Daniela and Leslie were awesome. We have chickens and roosters and weren’t sure who would care for them while, on vacation. We called EaseMyMind and they were excited and said no problem we care for all pets. Leslie was just awesome. She cared for the chickens and roosters like they were hers. She bonded with… Read more “Totally no worries, best pet service ever!”

Margie Chilton

100% Corgi Approved

My family has been with EaseMyMind for SEVERAL years now 🙂 We have very HIGH standards on who we trust with our Boys (Koda,Kenai and Link). They have always gone the extra mile for us and most importantly our boys LOVE and TRUST them! Thank yall for always making their day when yall visit… and… Read more “100% Corgi Approved”


Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Else

We’ve been using this service since 2010 and we have been very satisfied with every visit. It’s become tradition when we go away for a week to read each visit together and look at the pictures they send us of our cats. This was especially important when my son was young and would worry about… Read more “Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Else”

Arianne Grace

Awesome Pet Services!

I’ve been using EaseMyMind Pet services for some years now, I’ve always, always been pleased and very happy with the pet sitters that take care of my fur babies while I was at work or when I went out of town for a few days. I recommend this service to everyone that habe fur babies… Read more “Awesome Pet Services!”

Felicia Leggett

I was satisfied by everything!

I was satisfied by everything! The scheduling tool on your website is fantastic and makes it so easy to keep track of everything, even when I confused what i had originally scheduled with notes I had left at the house for the sitter. It’s also nice to get the updates/pet journals online so I can… Read more “I was satisfied by everything!”

Caitlin Sedano

Pet journals help me not miss my Cali

I am happy to leave the care of my pet with Ease my mind pet sitters. I come home to a happy pet.I know that my Cali is taken care of on a daily… Read more “Pet journals help me not miss my Cali”

Eliezer Lugo

4 little dogs, 1 big dog, and the cat

So, we returned from several days away to find very happy and healthy, emotionally as well as physically, pets and a clean home. We are now comfortable with being away from our pets and can enjoy ourselves at will. The daily journals were fabulous as they kept us informed on our pet’s behavior and they… Read more “4 little dogs, 1 big dog, and the cat”

Ray Walker

This is an outstanding team

This is an outstanding team caring for my pets when I am out of town or just need some extra assistance with the animals. I always get the best photos of the animals in the pet journal. Seeing that the animals are happy and being treated like royalty helps “Ease My Mind” while I am… Read more “This is an outstanding team”

Erin Akin

EaseMyMind is more than just the name of this company

Ease My Mind is more than just the name of this company – it’s the feeling you get when you know your pets are cared for and loved while you are away. They are comfortable, safe, and kept healthy – and your home is too.  I can’t say enough good things about this company. Truly… Read more “EaseMyMind is more than just the name of this company”

Casey Fogle

EaseMyMind saved the day!

What a wonderful service! EaseMyMind is aptly named. Daniela and her team have made it possible for us to be away from home knowing that our kitties are lovingly cared for and our house is safe. We have used EMM’s services multiple times, and the team is always amazing with our fur babies! We especially… Read more “EaseMyMind saved the day!”

Erica Pealer

They do great with my 3 dogs

I have the EaseMyMind team coming in 5 days a week to walk my dogs during the day while I’m at work. They do great with my 3 dogs – I love the multiple pictures they send me when they visit and the written update is fabulous. With a sickly dog it is wonderful knowing… Read more “They do great with my 3 dogs”

Erin Martin

Best Pet Sitters!!!

Daniela and her team did an amazing job taking care of our extended family! Not only did they take care of our pets, but they also took great care of our garden and our house. We are very pleased with the services she and her team provided. We will be using her services… Read more “Best Pet Sitters!!!”

Ruben Casarez

What an incredible service!

What an incredible service! Peace of mind and comfort for the furry kids! Truly a professional service. Thank you very… Read more “What an incredible service!”

Patrick Donahue

EaseMyMind makes vacation time perfect!

EMM is absolutely the best petsitter in town. Daniela’s team took wonderful care of our two medical special needs pups and gave them plenty of love and play time! We loved our morning and evening updates with plenty of pictures and made our vacation perfect, knowing that our furbabies are… Read more “EaseMyMind makes vacation time perfect!”

Anja Macek-Jinks

It was such a relief!

It was such a relief to receive the visit journal updates! When there was a question about information I’d provided, EMM was quick to text or call for an answer. I will definitely be able to travel again knowing my fur babies will be well cared… Read more “It was such a relief!”

Kayla Vincent

Peace of Mind

Daniela and Sean give us true peace of mind when we need to be out of town. We know our babies will be taken care of while we are gone. I love the pet care updates we receive. Our family has used EaseMyMind for over 2 yrs and we will continue to entrust our babies… Read more “Peace of Mind”

Melissa Ritchie

A quick note

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your services. I’ve been really blown away with you and Sean over the past couple weeks. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the job you do, or how well you take care of Lily and Albus. Thank you so… Read more “A quick note”

Casey Nagy

We love them and so do our fur babies!

We have been using EaseMyMind for a few years now. We love them and so do our fur babies! They are always available even if you have a last minute trip. We recommend them to anyone looking for a great pet and house sitting… Read more “We love them and so do our fur babies!”

Heather Sanchez

Wonderful treatment of our pup

EMM has become like a part of the family! They are so incredibly helpful and kind to our pup, and we cannot recommend them enough. They\’re updates and photos are comforting when we are away, and show that they really care about our dog. Thanks so much, EMM… Read more “Wonderful treatment of our pup”

Lauren Carnright

Love this service

Love this service. They treat our babies like their own. Updates and pics are… Read more “Love this service”

Molly Britto

I love this Service

I love this service. We don’t have to worry about our cats and our home while we’re away. I have already recommended easemymind to several coworkers, because I liked it so… Read more “I love this Service”

Amanda Rice

Wow! What a great service offered

Wow! What a great service offered to our animals. We have been using EaseMyMind for 8 years now and could not be happier with their services. The service has been spectacular from the first day until the last. We are so sad that we have to PCS, if I could pack them up and move… Read more “Wow! What a great service offered”

Mia Martinez

I don’t know what I would do without EaseMyMind

I did not think that pet care like this could possible exist! The EaseMyMind Pet Sitting Team has been my LIFESAVER and I could not do my job without them. I am a Company Commander and my husband is deployed. We have three dogs who are treated with the best care and love a sitter… Read more “I don’t know what I would do without EaseMyMind”

Sam Martin

I always mention the service to my friends

I always mention to my friends and family about the service I receive from Ease my mind pet sitters. I always enjoy the daily update and a picture of Cali.  This really ease’s my mind about being away from… Read more “I always mention the service to my friends”

Elizer Lugo

All the pup sitters are great!!!

I love the updates and all of them are so good with letting me know whenever anyone of my pups is seeming a little “off”. They all so an amazing job of keeping me updated on my oldest pup’s health while I am gone! I get worried about him and they make me feel more… Read more “All the pup sitters are great!!!”

Erin Martin

Had NOOOO worries

EaseMyMind is a great company. They took care of my lil yappa type dogs as if they were the owners. Had NOOOO worries that my dogs were well taken care of while we were away. In home sitting is the best way to go. Daniela and her staff are just plain… Read more “Had NOOOO worries”

Gary Gurule

Briana was wonderful.

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of her willingness to give up time that she could be spending with her family during this special season to care for my pets so that I could be with my family. I appreciated the twice daily pet journals and responses to my replies. I also appreciated… Read more “Briana was wonderful.”

Debra Brockway

My crew love Daniela and everyone on the team

I have used EaseMyMind for over 4-years straight. My crew (3 dogs & 1 cat) love Daniela and everyone on the team. My crew looks forward to every visit. This company is truly trustworthy and can assist with all your needs. I’ve thrown late notice requests at them all the time, & they always deliver… Read more “My crew love Daniela and everyone on the team”

Phil Graham

My dog has a new best friend

Our first, and certainly not last, time using EMM was fantastic. We love the regular updates with every visit while we were away, including pictures. Carly was great with our senior dog and it felt good to know our old man was at home and comfortable while we were gone. Thank… Read more “My dog has a new best friend”

Lisa Green

No worries

We have no worries when we leave our pets and our home in their care. They are timely, caring, and always responsive to our concern. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for the best care… Read more “No worries”

Leonard R. Crager

I was so pleased!

When we had to go out of town for a few days, we had never before used pet sitters for our cat Jack, but I was very pleased with his care. I completely enjoyed reading the reports and seeing the pics after each visit, and apparently Jack was happy too because this was the first… Read more “I was so pleased!”

Susan Overton

EMM is the Best!

EaseMyMind does a fantastic job of caring for my 4 dogs and 3 cats when I can’t be there for them. While I was away, I received emails twice daily with pictures of the pets and they looked quite comfortable and happy. The price is a tiny fraction of what I would have to pay… Read more “EMM is the Best!”

Debra Brockway

EMM have made my life wonderful

EMM have made my life wonderful. They really do “ease my mind”. They have been here for me for over 2 years. We are not easy to work for. My husband is very picky. We have horses, longhorn steers, dog, cat, pool and a lot of land. They will do whatever needs to be done;… Read more “EMM have made my life wonderful”

Connie Emmons

I have never felt so comfortable

Daniela and the EMM team are a blessing. I have never felt so comfortable with others taking care of our kitty kid and various things around the house. Moving around a lot comes with the Army life and EMM is THE BEST pet sitting service we’ve come across. Service is professional, reliable, goes above and… Read more “I have never felt so comfortable”

Renee Robinson

The company title is true to name

Yes.  The company title is true to name.  My mind is completely at ease when left with these petsitters.  The journals and pictures are amazing and you can see how well your animals are being taken care of.  All my messages are immediately responded to.  I refer to everyone I know.  My dogs are never… Read more “The company title is true to name”

Laine Wilson

I just wanted to thank you

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you company is doing for my husband Jordan. I am currently deployed and he takes care of my little zoo all by himself. When he goes out of town he always requests appointments with EaseMyMind and it really does ease his and my mind knowing… Read more “I just wanted to thank you”

Katie Novick

EaseMyMind is the best way to care for your pets when you are away

EaseMyMind is the best way to care for your pets when you are away. They get to stay in the comfort of their home, but are still well taken care of. The people that come to take care of your pets are animal lovers, and it shows. You get photos and short narrative of the… Read more “EaseMyMind is the best way to care for your pets when you are away”

Eric Jones

Excellent and Caring Service!

I am very grateful to have found EMM Pet Sitters! Not only do the wonderful sitters not mind doing the odd extra task (watering the plants, putting out the trash), we also get updates for every visit – with pictures! It’s easy to book and to communicate anything unique that might be happening. It’s a… Read more “Excellent and Caring Service!”

Amanda Volker


I absolutely have been pleased and so happy with EMM pet sitting service. They are professional and I was updated every time when my fur babies was being taken care of. I recommend this service to all Pet Parents that either work all day, or are going on vacation. The name says it all. Ease… Read more “EXCELLENT PET SITTING SERVICE”

Felicia Leggett

Every day we could see the Smiles on our Dogs faces!

We were so happy with our sitter Justine and the care for our house and animals!  Every day we could see the journals and the smiles on our dogs faces!  Our sitter was so patient and caring that even our grumpy old cat loved on her by the end!  Thank you so… Read more “Every day we could see the Smiles on our Dogs faces!”

Warren Brown

My Favorite Thing…

My favorite thing about the service is receiving the pet journals and updates while we are away.  It does give us a peace of mind knowing that our furbabies are being taken care of with the highest standard of… Read more “My Favorite Thing…”

Nicholas Perri

EaseMyMind Excels In Pet Care

EaseMyMind over the past 4 yrs excels in pet care, they are pet people 100% of the time that truly care about my kitties and always do a fantastic job. Also, when needed they go above and beyond. Thank you, the team really does ease my mind when I have to travel… Read more “EaseMyMind Excels In Pet Care”

Aldo Leiva-Marchissano

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