I don’t know what I would do without EaseMyMind


I did not think that pet care like this could possible exist! The EaseMyMind Pet Sitting Team has been my LIFESAVER and I could not do my job without them. I am a Company Commander and my husband is deployed. We have three dogs who are treated with the best care and love a sitter could provide, as evident by the pet journals. Not one time has a service or change I’ve requested been denied. The Team has done everything possible to meet my needs and my crazy schedule so that my dogs can feel loved and treasured. I never have to worry about my dogs and I even find treats like washed dishes, trash can brought in, dogs brushed and water bowels cleaned on a daily basis! This service truly goes above and beyond and I could not imagine our lives without them anymore. Our dogs are an integral part of our family, and so too is Ease My Mind Pet Sitting.