Walkercise! Dog Walking –

Does Your Pup Join The Trend??

Is This Your Battle?

  • Three Musketeers on their walk. Real Troopers!

    Your pups are super energetic but you are just SO tired when getting home from work.

  • When taking them out for a walk, it’s so exhausting because they pull and walk all over the place.
  • Your Vet just told you that your dogs are overweight and need to loose a few pounds.
  • Your pups are couch potatoes and barely play.
  • Furniture, pillows, baseboards and window sills seem to be chewing objects all the time.


Walkercise! Can Be The Answer To Your Prayers!

Of course we know for ourselves that these mean extra pounds are not easy to come by and getting on a diet alone is a hard battle to win. Pups are most likely not agreeing when you suddenly just cut their meals in half, leaving them hungry… and those Vet prescription foods are probably not very tasty either.

So, exercise it is; together with a couple of healthy meals a day! Regular and daily walks kick starts your fur babies metabolism and gets them back in shape, no more sluggishness from napping all day.

Checking out what’s new in the neighborhood!

But be honest, do you really feel like going on a walk every day when you get home from work? The intentions are probably there but once kicking the shoes off, it’s just hard to get back out and we know there is that nagging little feeling of guilt.

Well, this is were EaseMyMind Dog Walkers come in! We get the fur kids back in shape with Walkercise! around the neighborhood, guaranteed fun your pups are looking forward to every day; fresh water, potty and kicking that little guilt trip of yours in the butt, included. Our Pet Journals which we send to you afterwards proof it!

The basic Walkercise! Visit is 30mins long, mostly spend specifically on the walk. Longer 45mins and 60mins walks are available too!

It Sounds GREAT, I Want To Give It A Try!

Click on the button to register and become part of the EaseMyMind Pet Care Family. We look forward to meeting you and your fur kids!