‘Stay’Cation Pet Sitting

Pet Care In YOUR Own Home – A TRUE Alternative To Boarding Your Fur Kid!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You just moved to the area and don’t know anyone who you could ask to take care of your pets
  • Last time you boarded your pets, they weren’t all themselves when you picked them back up


I’m so happy that I don’t have to go anywhere where I’m afraid at!

I’m so much more chill staying at home and cuddling with my sitter.








  • You don’t always want to ask and inconvenience your friends or neighbors though they say it’s fine
  • You feel a bit guilty that your pets have to stay at a kennel because you go somewhere
  • You frequently have to go out of town for business or TDY and it’s always a big ordeal to set up pet care
  • You don’t like that your pets have to stay at boarding for an extra day or two because their office is already closed when you return
  • You can’t explain to your rescue dog what the difference is between boarding and a shelter so boarding them makes you feel bad


How Can EaseMyMind Help Me, You Ask?

Mom, I slept on the couch and I’m loving it!

The Pet Sitters of EaseMyMind [pun intended] can take all these stresses, worries and feeling of guilt away with our professional, yet very loving in-your-own home care; an environment your pets know and love, where they can stay happy and content with the only difference that it is your pet sitter instead of yourself caring for them.

Stay-at-home pet sitting is so individualized that even your established routine with the fur kids is barely interrupted that you can rest assured that even your fur kids have fun while you do the same, hence ‘Stay’cation.

But that’s not all! We want YOU to feel good too so our pet sitters keep you fully involved with updates and pictures from your fur kids every time we visit with them and giving you the opportunity to communicate back and forth whenever you like. So it’s not “only” pet sitting but we care about YOU as well as we too are in the same boat when traveling and leaving our fur kids behind.

How Exactly Does Vacation Pet Sitting Work?

  • We visit your pets in your own home while you are away for vacation or business

    Hey Dad, I’m having so much fun! Thanks for booking me my own sitter!


  • We come as often as you like and your pets need with a minimum of once a day for cats and twice a day for dogs though the best by experience is 3-4 times a day for dogs and twice a day for cats.
  • You choose from Basic 30min visits, Extended 45mins visits or 60min visits all depending on how many pets you have and how special their routine also allowing time for interaction, love and cuddles. Those visits can be mixed and matched in their lengths to built the perfect care plan and add-on services are available for extensive plant or yard watering and backyard clean-up when you haven’t gotten around for a while.
  • We feed, walk and clean litter boxes and yard as per your instructions, give medications and supplements, clean up accidents and also do security checks on your home and keep those tasks like trash days, watering plants and bringing in your mail running like you would be home yourself.
Basic Visit
$24.00 / visit
All pets included
30 minutes
For easy routines
Basic house tasks included
Update after the visit
Rate above is within Killeen/Harker Heights
+$2.00 for Copperas Cove
+$5.00 for Belton
Extended Visit
$28.00 / visit
All pets included
45 minutes
For multi pet households
For feeding times
For adding time for a short walk
Update after the visit
Rate above is within Killeen/Harker Heights
+$2.00 for Copperas Cove
+$5.00 for Belton
Extra Luv 'N' Time
$32.00 / visit
All pets include
60 minutes
For multi pet households
More special routines
When administering meds is needed
Update after the visit
Rate above is within Killeen/Harker Heights
+$2.00 for Copperas Cove
+$5.00 for Belton

We do NOT up-charge for additional tasks or additional pets!