Midday Potty N’ Play Breaks

A Superific Time For Your Pups… And YOU!

Is This Your Dilemma?

Hey, I’m ready for round 2!!

  • Your work day is long and the office just far enough to barely be able to run home and let the pups out but by thetime you get there, you can already turn around to head back to work
  • You sometimes would just like to relax during your short lunch break or grab a bite with co-workers but you have to be considered of your pups needing their potty break
  • It happens occasionally that you don’t get out from work as usual and have to stay late to finish things up
  • You work in a hospital environment with long 12 hour shifts and occasional emergency calls
  • Admitingly, your pups are home for 12 hours because you just can’t make it home during work


Wouldn’t It Feel Great, When…

Plenty of Fresh Air N’ Play

You COULD relax and have lunch with your co-workers WITHOUT having to try to make it home and back or WITHOUT feeling bad when the pups are stuck inside all day and knowing that their day too consists of a “lunch break” with one on one attention, play time and their needed potty break?! A treat, fresh water and a kiss in Mom’s or Dad’s behalf included, oh yes!

Knowing who to call if you can’t get out in time or finally say yes to friends and that glass of wine for Happy Hour!

Midday Potty ‘N Play Breaks are about 30 minutes long, mostly spend outside in the backyard unless weather doesn’t permit prolonged outside time. Longer visits like 30mins and 45mins are, of course, available too!


That’s When Midday Potty ‘N Play Breaks Comes In!

Play Time for Bridget!

Your pups will LOVE you for it, will be more relaxed when you get home from work but you don’t have to feel guilty that you’re tired because the fur kids had their Potty ‘N Play time.

You will enjoy the updates with pictures from your pups’ potty dates and it’ll make you feel happy.

Register and become part of the EaseMyMind Pet Care Family today. We look forward to meeting you and your fur kids!