Home Security & Maintenance Checks
For Your Peace Of Mind

Is This Your Trouble?

  • You are due for your next deployment and you have no one to look after your home and you feel like you are going off the grid
  • You regularly leave the country contracting for extended periods of time and don’t want to inconvenience friends or family to check on your house and premisses
  • You are going on vacation but your garden and all the plants you put so much effort into, wouldn’t survive until you come back home


Great News, There IS A Solution!

Security & Maintenance Checks

The Pet & House Sitters of EaseMyMind visit your home on a weekly basis or more often if you wish for security checks all around and make sure everything looks good. After severe weathers we check for damage from top to bottom and send you updates with pictures of your home from each of our visits to keep you fully involved.

Other services can be discussed, for instance having your mail send to you on a monthly basis, keeping up maintenance schedules and getting your lawn taken care of to just name a few for all your house sitting needs.

You forgot something at home? No problem, we can mail it to you and also be there if you want to send things back home.


How Exactly Does House Sitting Work?

Plant and Yard Watering

  • The normal setting is weekly visits to your home, either on always the same day or randomly picked days and times to have no specific pattern
  • At each house sitting visit we not only make sure that all windows and doors are secure, we also check on water heater, AC, flush toilets just to name a few and also change out light bulbs and air filter when needed.
  • At the Initial Meet & Greet we determine with you what else you would like to add to the basics, like discussing mail, vehicles or maintaining your yard
  • Every week you will get an update on your home and we even attach some pictures so you can see for yourself that everything is well


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What Does It Cost Me?

  • A routine house security/ maintenance check is $25/visit [about half an hour] usually once a week
  • Any additional time needed is billed in $4/15mins increments for instance when a repair or maintenance crew is on site
  • merchandise like replacement light bulbs, batteries, air filters, etc