Service Rates Per Type Of Visit

For Vacation / Outta Town Care

  • Visits include ALL pets in the household- NO up-charge for additional pets
  • All visits are interchangeable – can be mixed and matched to best suit pet care routine and time needed according to how many pets are in the household.
  • All visits include basic house tasks like bringing in the mail, taking garbage can down/up on trash day, alternating lights and security checks during Vacation Pet Care.
  • For extensive plant/yard watering needs and backyard clean-up during pet sitting, add-on services are available.

Midday Pet Care

Walkercise! Dog Walking | Midday Potty ‘N Play

  • must be during the work day
  • rates are not applicable for early mornings (before 9am/ late evenings (after 7:30pm)
  • not applicable for vacation or out of town pet sitting

Other Services & Fees

Add-On Services
  • “Water My Jungle” – Keeping the plant community happy $10.00
    for extensive plant and yard watering, everything beyond a couple of pots
  • “Landmines Be Gone” – Yard picker upper $15.00
    haven’t gotten the chance to clean your yard in a while? This add-on will take care of it while we are already caring for your pets without taking away time from your pets
  • ‘Welcome Home!’ – We run for you $20.00 + cost of goods
    provide us with a shopping list and we will make sure to restock your fridge upon your return

Supply Shopping
In the event that not enough pet supplies are provided, we will go to the store to stock up on needed pet food, litter, etc
The cost is $15.00 for the store trip plus merchandise as per store receipt.

Key Pick-Up / Drop-Off
Key pick-up and/or drop-off trips are $15.00 for each trip.
Standard procedure is our “Ready Key” Program were we file your set of 2 keys or 2 forms of entry for convenience and to be able to assist you even in emergency situations, short notice needs and lock outs.

We are available 365 days a year for your convenience.

A $4.50/ per visit holiday surcharge is applied on:

  • Martin Luther King Day (Jan 15)
  • Presidents Day (Feb 19)
  • Easter Sunday (April 1)
  • Memorial Weekend (May 25 – 28)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Labor Day (Sept 2)
  • Columbus Day (Oct 14)
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 28 – Dec 1)
  • Christmas/New Year (Dec 21 – Jan 1)

Last Minute Request
Requests with less then 12 hours / same day notice is subject to a $15.00 short notice/ logistical fee.

Returned Checks
$20.00 for returned checks and declined payments.

Extra Time / Overtime
In the event of unforeseen circumstances it might happen that your pet sitter needs extra time / is going into overtime which will be charged in 15min increments at $4.00/15mins.

Examples for extra time needed: Vet visits, extensive clean up due to pet accidents, difficulties with medicating an uncooperative pet, etc.