Our rates are on a visit basis as this allows for more customization, allowing of not being stuck with just one type of visit. For example you could choose a longer visit in the morning to accommodate sufficient time for breakfast, potty time, etc and then a shorter one in the afternoon to check in and possibly again a longer visit in the evening for a walk, dinner and cuddle and play time.

The following rates are for Killeen / Harker Heights / Fort Hood / Copperas Cove
For Belton: +$5.00
For Temple / Kempner: +$7.00

Out of Town Care

Bronze : 30 mins – $30.00
Silver : 45 mins – $37.00
Gold. : 60 mins – $44.00
Diamond: 90 mins – $50.00

Overnight / Sleep over: coming soon

  • Dogs: Minimum of twice daily which is 12 hours apart. Highly recommended though is three times a day. More visits are also possible.
  • Crated dogs: Minimum of three times a day.
  • Cats and small animals: it must be a minimum of once a day visit, we do not accommodate every other day, etc. sequence for liability reasons.
  • Rates are for up to two pets. Any additional pet is +$2.00.
  • HOLIDAY surcharge: $5.00 per visit

Dog Walks / Midday Potty Breaks

Separately booked:

Bronze : 30 mins – $30.00
Silver : 45 mins – $37.00
Gold : 60 mins – $44.00
Diamond: 90 mins – $50.00

Packages of 10 ($3.00 discount per walk / potty break)

Bronze package: $270.00
Silver package: $340.00
Gold package: $410.00
Diamond package: $470.00

  • Rates are for up to two pets. Any additional pet is +$2.00
  • Large dogs and pullers we only walk two at a time. With more dogs the time will be divided accordingly and it is recommended to book longer visits as we also need time to get dogs ready and ensure that they have water after.
  • HOLIDAY surcharge: $5.00 per visit

Other Services – Add-Ons

Pamper time: $45.00 (specifically for loving on, cuddling, brushing, playing) (1 hour)
Water my Jungle: $15.00 – $25.00 (depending on size / amount)
Yard Picker-Upper:  $50.00 (for first hour, $10.00 for each additional 15 mins)

Meet the Sitter: $70.00 (45 minutes with 2 Sitters)

Initial Consultation: $45.00 (One hour – we credit the amount to the first invoice when services are booked)