What happens if the length of time I booked for visits is not sufficient?


We always ask to book visits with sufficient length of time depending on how many pets you have and their routine, also keeping in mind that you are with your pets every day while your Pet Sitter might need a bit more time to accomplish what is routine for you though EaseMyMind staff is trained to work sufficiently.

It happens though that when starting out services that you and us have to find the perfect setting for your pets in the means of which lengths of visits to pick best to built a perfect care plan. We will communicate with you about eventually necessary adjustments.

Unforeseen circumstances like a pet with upset tummy, hence accidents to clean up or potty in the house or your pooch decided to shred papers or eat a chair might get your Pet Sitter to get into overtime because, of course, we would never not clean up after your pets.

Our visits are time tracked through our virtual time clocks and over time will be billed in 15 minute increments a $4.00/15mins.