What happens if a visit takes longer than anticipated?


Especially when starting out, we discuss the length of time for pets determined by the information you give us about the care routine for your pets and the tasks you would like us to do around your home. Please note though that this is a ROUTINE which is new to the Pet Sitter and someone who is not with your pets on an every day basis.
So the first time is pretty much like a trial to see what works best for your pets and home.

An EaseMyMind employee is specially trained to perform a certain way and to a particular work standard and is not permitted to lack in performance due to a time crunch but is trained to work time sufficient and fast so will always try hard to stay within allotted booked time.

In the event that we get into overtime, the additional time is billed in 15min increments of $4.00/15min or upgrading to the next higher visit.

Examples for reasons for overtime:

  • Unforeseen circumstances like cleaning up extensive accidents or damage through chewing
  • A pet with more time consuming habits like finicky eaters or needing more time outside for potty
  • Shy pets needing more time to warm up or don’t want to come in from the backyard
  • Unforeseen problems with the house like a leak or damage of some kind
  • An ill pet