What are your vaccination requirements for my pets?


Will You Need My Pet’s Shot Records/ Medical Records?

Being that we provide pet care in your own home and not at a public place with many other pets around, we do not have the need to require vaccinations like boarding kennels do. With our service you are exempt of needing any other shots but rabies.
We do ask to let us know where you keep your pet’s medical and shot records just for the event of a Vet visit needed during our care for your pets or to set the file out for us.
We do not necessarily need to keep copies in our files which would always need to be updated every time your pet was seen by a Veterinarian.
Also crucial for us is, that you keep your online profile of your pets in our data base up to date which allows us to provide best care and what to watch for when your pet has a certain medical condition.

Rabies Boosters

The only shot record we require to be current is rabies, for the event that one of our sitters should get bit or scratched by accident severe enough to require a visit to the doctor’s office or hospital as it might raise questions of sufficient rabies immunization.
Being able to say that the pet is current on his/her rabies vaccination less likely starts a process of the hospital contacting you as the pet owner and forcing the sitter to receive rabies shots which is a painful process.

We Accept Titering

We at EaseMyMind do accept the Titer Test as an alternative to the rabies vaccination and other shots and actually encourage to look into titering instead of eventually over-vaccinating with annual shots for the numerous diseases.