I want to board my pet, do you provide boarding?


No, we don’t have a boarding facility and do not privately board in our homes.

See Why We Don’t:

Our approach of ‘In-Your-Home-Pet-Care’ actually is a true ALTERNATIVE to the overall well known and widely available pet boarding where you take your pet to a boarding kennel or a Veterinarian office to stay while you are away.

Pet sitting on the other hand allows for your pet to stay at home, in his/her own environment, where your pet feels comfortable in the mids of all the smells, favorite launch areas, sounds, going potty in their own yard and everything else he/she feels so good with.
So here the care is actually turned around: Instead of the pet going somewhere and having to adapt to a facilities routine, WE come visit your pet in his/her own home and match your and your pet’s routine as close as possible which results in happy and content pets.
The risk of picking up on a contagious disease like kennel cough with being surrounded by other pets is almost eliminated and especially for the very young kittens and puppies as well as the elderly pet ‘stay at home’ care is the safest and most comforting pet care you can gift to your beloved fur kid.
Now that we know how Ms Kitty and Fido benefit from staying home while Mom and Dad are out, let’s look at:

Who Doesn’t Like Convenience, Don’t You?

No need to pack all your pet(s) belongings to take all to a boarding kennel for comforting your pet.
Your pet is waiting for you right at home, no matter how early or late in the day it is or what day
of the week you return. Your home has no office hours!
Over are the days where you need to count the minutes to run home during lunch to let your dog
out for potty. Instead there can be a lunch date with a friend.
Pet care at any time with just picking up the phone or jumping online and request service 24/7.
Yay, I once again can SPONTANEOUSLY have an over-nighter or a mini weekend vacation even with
having fur kids~ no 6+ month in advance booking for pet care.

Jump Right On And Give It A Try

Since you are most likely reading this because you googled for a boarding kennel for your dog or kitty and found out now that there is an alternative and what the advantages are, why don’t you just give it a try with our professional pet sitters towards a happy pet and convenience for you?!