I have a friend also look after my pets and need you to fill in for when my friend can’t be there


We cannot accommodate requests with what we call ‘Third Parties” involved anymore for liability reasons. EaseMyMind and all of it’s Pet Sitters are insured but the liability will cease when anyone else but EaseMyMind enters your home during booked services with us.

Shown in the past:

  • EaseMyMind staff is specially trained to perform work on a high standard and added extra work and time for the EMM Sitter with third parties only doing the bare essentials. This added billed overtime.
  • Friends not showing up to visits/times they had agreed to.
  • Friends confusing the days and times they were supposed to care for the pets.

For those reasons, we no longer accept booking requests shared with friends as just too many things can go wrong and we need to guarantee seamless care for your pets to ensure their well-being.

In the event, that we take over from a friend or family member or a friend or family member continues care after us, a waiver must be signed releasing EaseMyMind from all responsibility and liability.
We MUST be notified when the friend or family member has seen your pets the last time before we take over care or MUST notify us when taking over care after we have completed our care as otherwise we will dispatch continued visits which leads to additional costs.

We reserve the right to return keys and part with a client in the event that this policy was disregarded and Third Party involvement not disclosed to us.