What About Time?

Can I Request Specific Times For My Pets?

We always try to accommodate specific time requests and encourage to let us know a time preference.

However, scheduling visits is considering many things like when you depart and return back to your home. Our priority is to ensure seamless care with evenly spaced out visits, then also taking times in consideration for medications were applicable, feeding times and so fourth.

From an internal standpoint we also have to look at how we route our sitters and how to make their schedules most sufficient in time management and mileage for gas purposes.
So it is a lot to consider every time we take visits on schedule but in most cases we are not far from meeting your requested times and will communicate about adjustments.

What Is The Earliest And The Latest Time In A Day For Visits?

Our morning visits take place between 7:00am and 8:30am and our night visits are happening between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

What Happens If The Length Of Time I booked For Visits Is Not Sufficient?

We always ask to book visits with sufficient length of time depending on how many pets you have and their routine, also keeping in mind that you are with your pets every day while your Pet Sitter might need a bit more time to accomplish what is routine for you though EaseMyMind staff is trained to work sufficiently.

It happens though that when starting out services that you and us have to find the perfect setting for your pets in the means of which lengths of visits to pick best to built a perfect care plan. We will communicate with you about eventually necessary adjustments.

Unforeseen circumstances like a pet with upset tummy, hence accidents to clean up or potty in the house or your pooch decided to shred papers or eat a chair might get your Pet Sitter to get into overtime because, of course, we would never not clean up after your pets.

Our visits are time tracked through our virtual time clocks and over time will be billed in 15 minute increments a $4.00/15mins.

How Many Visits Per Day Will You Make For My Pets?

This is something we customize with you at our Initial Meet & Greet and is personalized to your pets routine, feeding schedule and potty frequency.

We do have certain requirements and then also an average what seem to work best for most pets.


At least once a day for cats and small animals on an every 24 hour schedule from the time you leave your home until the time you return to your home. We do NOT come in less then that, an every other day or once or twice a week is not what we do.

For dogs, it must be a minimum of twice a day on an every 12 hour schedule from the time you leave your home until the time you return to your home. This also applies to outside only dogs and with doggy doors in place.

What Works Best:

  • CATS do best with two visits a day which we space out to a 12 hour schedule; on your departure and return days only one visit might be necessary, depending on the times you leave and return.
    This ensures that we can check on them often enough to make sure they didn’t get into any trouble like locking themselves into a room etc
    Some cat parents even opt for three visits a day to ensure that their felines have plenty of human interaction, play and snuggle time and even for shy and off-standish cats it is beneficial if simply someone is present and just talks to them.
  • DOGS are best with three to four times a day, depending on their size and age for potty reasons, feeding routine and if they need medication to certain times a day. We wouldn’t want them feel bad to have accidents in the house because they have to try to hold it for too long in between visits.
    Again here on departure and return days lesser visits might be necessary as we always work off of when you leave the house to the time you return home to schedule in a manner of seamless care for your pets.