Our Key Policies

How Does That Work With My House Keys?

We require TWO house keys or better said two forms of entry, which could also be one house key and one garage code.

House keys can either always be exchanged before and after a trip or, and this is what most of our clients do, opt for our ‘Ready Key’ Program and file a set of house keys with us.
This simply adds the convenience for everyone that getting the key to and from every time is eliminated and we can accommodate even when an emergency calls you out of town or jump in when you lock yourself out of your home.

A $10.00 fee applies for each key pick up or drop off as it requires a separate trip for us, similar to a visit.

Can I Give You My Garage Code Instead Of Keys?

Garage codes only are NOT an accepted form of sole entry, we must have at least one actual key to your home.

In the event of a power outage or a failing battery, your garage pad would not work and we would be stuck outside, not being able to get to your pets. Often even just muggy weather causes electronic pads to act up or fail due to the moisture in the air and in either event we would have to call a Locksmith service out, then causing additional costs for you for the Locksmith as well as our additional time to wait for Locksmith.

Are My House Keys Safe With You?

Our key tags NEVER carry a name or an address on the key tag.
We label your key with the unique Client ID our software creates for each client account so even if a key ever would get lost, no one would be able to track the key back to your home.

When we don’t have any visits scheduled for you, your house keys are safely stored away in our office.

Can I Leave My Key Under The Door Mat Or In A Hidden Spot?

We do NOT accept hidden keys for our way of entry and do NOT agree to retrieve your key from under the door mat to start a service.
The risk is just too high that someone could watch and then have free access to your home. We do not take responsibility and are not liable for any hidden keys on your property.

How Do I Get My Keys To You For Services?

Most clients opt for taking advantage of our ‘Ready Key’ program and file their house keys with us for most convenience and as an emergency back up for themselves if they would have to rush out of town or the event that they lock themselves out of their home. This ‘Ready Key’ program is for no cost.

We encourage to have a set of two house keys ready at the Initial Consultation as a key pick up fee would apply for us to come out additionally to get your keys and the same if you wish to get your keys back.

A time can be agreed to, for you to drop your keys off at our office if you still need to make copies but as a word of caution, these copies need to be tested to ensure the new keys work.

What Happens If My New Key Doesn't Fit When You Start Services?

In the event that a house key doesn’t fit, we will engage a Locksmith service to open your home in order to be able to care for your pets as per our Service Agreement.
Locksmith expenses as well as our additional time on site will be billed to you.

New key copies should always be tested before handing them over to us to ensure the keys work properly.