I’m A Worrisome Pet Parent

Do You Let Me Know How My Pet Is Doing While I Am Away?

Yes absolutely!

We utilize a state-of-the-art system, allowing your Pet Sitter to write a Pet Journal after visiting with your pet, letting you know how the visit went and what occurred. And that’s not all- you even get to see your pets with pictures your Pet Sitter snapped during the visit!
You will get an email notification every time a Pet Journal is posted for you in your account and you can either access the journal via the link in the email notification or with logging into your account and going to your schedule.

You are going to LOVE it!!

Can I Contact You While I'm Away If I Have Questions?

Yes, we are always available for you doing business hours to answer all the questions.

Booking, scheduling and major questions must be directed to the office at office@easemymindllc.com or 254-319-5460

Our Pet Journal updates also allow for commenting and communicating regarding visits but our Pet Sitters are not able and authorized to any questions as mentioned above.