Booking, Reservations & Scheduling

Can I Reserve The Same Pet Sitter Each Time I Book?

While we try and like to keep the routine up to send always the same Pet Sitter, we cannot guarantee that a Sitter still has availability at the time you book services and we rather be able to say that we can care for your pets instead of that we don’t have availability.

We prefer to have an average of two Pet Sitters accustomed to a household and the pets for our internal back-up procedures in the event of a Pet Sitter calling in sick or having time off.

Our experience shows that pets do absolutely fine with more then one Pet Sitter and it actually has shown positive effect in rather shy pets in the means of socializing outside of immediate family members.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Make My Reservation?

We highly recommend to book services as soon as travel plans come up, especially when you plan on traveling on and around major holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
For those holidays we are always booked months in advance as, of course, those are peak times when everybody is trying to visit family and friends.

Throughout the year it is more flexible and even last minute requests can be accommodated for spontaneous day or weekend trips or when work calls out of town.
With less then a 24h notice, a late notice booking fee of $15.oo may apply for logistical and administrative reasons as schedules have to be changed and Sitters rerouted.

How Do I Make Reservations?

We utilize a state of the art online booking system for safe and secure scheduling. Each client of EaseMyMind get his own account with us, featuring personal, home and pet profiles, schedule tab to book services and view past, current and future schedules as well as viewing invoices. All in one place.

Scheduling online is the safest way as booking request show directly on our master schedule. Email, text message or phone call requests always bare the risk that they could slip when emails don’t get through or we receive messages and calls while on the go.

For each booking we also need to know your day and time of departure and your day and time of return so we can ensure that your pets are seamlessly cared for.
Your personal, home and pet information in your account must be up to date and detailed to avoid billed overtime due to not being able to find things or having to retrieve information from you while the Pet Sitter is on site.

I Have A Friend Also Look After My Pets And Need You To Fill In For When My Friend Can't Be There

We cannot accommodate requests with what we call ‘Third Parties” involved anymore for liability reasons. EaseMyMind and all of it’s Pet Sitters are insured but the liability will cease when anyone else but EaseMyMind enters your home during booked services with us.

Shown in the past:

  • EaseMyMind staff is specially trained to perform work on a high standard and added extra work and time for the EMM Sitter with third parties only doing the bare essentials. This added billed overtime.
  • Friends not showing up to visits/times they had agreed to.
  • Friends confusing the days and times they were supposed to care for the pets.

For those reasons, we no longer accept booking requests shared with friends as just too many things can go wrong and we need to guarantee seamless care for your pets to ensure their well-being.

In the event, that we take over from a friend or family member or a friend or family member continues care after us, a waiver must be signed releasing EaseMyMind from all responsibility and liability.
We MUST be notified when the friend or family member has seen your pets the last time before we take over care or MUST notify us when taking over care after we have completed our care as otherwise we will dispatch continued visits which leads to additional costs.

We reserve the right to return keys and part with a client in the event that this policy was disregarded and Third Party involvement not disclosed to us.

You Charge Pet Visit, Can I Add My Friend's Pets To The Mix In My House?

Yes, your friend’s or family member’s pets can be added to our care in your home. However, additional paperwork must be filled out as those pets are of different ownership.

We do require higher timed visits, depending of the care routine and how many pets total are cared for and it must be guaranteed that all pets get along. It is not advised to opt for this scenario if it is unknown or uncertain that pets get along.

What Times Of The Day Do You Visit My Pets?

Our visit times are depending on how many visits a day you wish to book for your pets:

Once a day [for cats and small animals only]:  we keep a 24 hour schedule from the time you depart to the time you return

Twice a day: we keep a 12 hour schedule from the time you depart to the time you return

Three times a day: Between 7:00am and 8:30am – between 2:00pm and 3:30pm – between 8:00pm and 9:30pm

Four times a day: Between 7:00am and 8:00am – between 11:30am and 12:30pm – between 4:30pm and 5:30pm – between 8:30pm and 9:30pm

Times and how many visits on your departure and return days are determined by the time you leave and the time you return to your home so those departure and return times always must be given with each booking request.

What Happens If A Visit Takes Longer Then Anticipated?

Especially when starting out, we discuss the length of time for pets determined by the information you give us about the care routine for your pets and the tasks you would like us to do around your home. Please note though that this is a ROUTINE which is new to the Pet Sitter and someone who is not with your pets on an every day basis.
So the first time is pretty much like a trial to see what works best for your pets and home.

An EaseMyMind employee is specially trained to perform a certain way and to a particular work standard and is not permitted to lack in performance due to a time crunch but is trained to work time sufficient and fast so will always try hard to stay within allotted booked time.

In the event that we get into overtime, the additional time is billed in 15min increments of $4.00/15min or upgrading to the next higher visit.

Examples for reasons for overtime:

  • Unforeseen circumstances like cleaning up extensive accidents or damage through chewing
  • A pet with more time consuming habits like finicky eaters or needing more time outside for potty
  • Shy pets needing more time to warm up or don’t want to come in from the backyard
  • Unforeseen problems with the house like a leak or damage of some kind
  • An ill pet