Our Values And Believes

We believe just like you, that your pets are your fur kids and deserve to comfortably stay in their own home, stress-free with undivided one-on-one attention to their unique needs and on their own consistent routine. we not only care for their physical but ALSO for their EMOTIONAL well-being!

We treasure and treat your premisses, home and heirlooms with respect just as much as we value our own. We are YOUR ears, YOUR eyes and YOUR hands while you are away!

We encourage you to not “only” be an EMM-client but WELCOME you to our EMM-FAMILY as we care for your most precious and cherished and we are truly honored to have your trust!

Facebook, Twitter and Blog with us for news and happenings, share the funny or even the sad about your fur baby, see what’s going on at EaseMyMind and connect with like-minded people. We want to built a community, not just get in touch at times of services!

Daniela & The EMM Team