Becoming An EaseMyMind Client

in five easy steps

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Our free downloadable guide will give you all the pertinent info you need, from the benefits of stay-at-home pet care and house sitting, to the different types of visits to choose from to build YOUR perfect pet/house care plan to the details of how things work.

This guide is highly recommended for anyone new to stay-at-home pet care as well as pet and home owners who had already worked with professional pet sitters before.

More great info you find at   EMM 101 – Our FAQs   You like what you’ve read and would like to proceed with becoming an EaseMyMind client? Step 2 will tell you how.

New Client Questionnaire

Yay, you decided to move one step closer to become part of the EMM family!

The info you provide us in the New Client Questionnaire below allows us to make certain that we are able to accommodate your and your pets needs, please be as detailed as possible. This questionnaire needs to be submitted prior to an Initial Consultation.

Please note: This questionnaire is just preliminary information. Once you become a client, you will get the opportunity to fill out more in depth information in your account in our online management & scheduling system.

Create Your Online EaseMyMind Account

Before our Initial Consultation we will send you an email invite to set up your account in our secure online management & scheduling system. This account is your hub to put

  • all the info we will need to care for your pets and/or your home,
  • request dog walks,
  • pet sits or house checks,
  • cancel or reschedule visits,
  • view your invoices
  • and communicate with us.

Please fill out your info and a profile for each of your pets thoroughly, please keep in mind that what is routine for you is not for your pet sitter so the tiniest little detail about your home and your pets helps out tremendously and saves your pet sitter valuable time. After this initial set up it is important to keep the info up-to-date and always review it when booking new services to ensure that everything is still valid.

The Welcome Email also prompts you to fill out and submit a couple of forms we will need for our files as well as the info to have 2 keys ready for us at the Initial Consultation.

The Initial Consultation

Once we have determined that we can accommodate your pet sitting or dog walking needs, we will schedule a free Initial Consultation with you.

Daniela will come to your home to meet you and your pets, introduce our work to you and answer all your questions. You can give us a walk through and tell us about your pets, their personality and care routine.

Depending on your pets we may have to determine if a Meet the Sitter will be beneficial to be scheduled. This is advised in case your pet is territorial or very timid, overall we want to make sure that the pet sitter can safely enter your home.

Please make sure to have two (2!) house keys ready at this Initial Consultation. It is important that we retain two keys or two forms of entry to always have a back-up. This could be two actual keys or one key plus a key pad code for your garage or key pad on your front door. We cannot accept codes only as in the event of a power outage or battery failure a garage pad won’t work.

Ready Key Program: The keys are locked up when not in used for current booked services and our key tag system does not utilize your name or address, we take every precaution necessary to keep your keys safe. Filing the keys with us is convenient and allows you to have backup for your pets and your home even in emergency situations.

Pet Care Visits & Payments

After you request your visits online in your account, we will review and accept your request usually within 24 hours unless fully booked of which we would notify you immediately. You will see that the status has changed from requested to accepted when you go to your schedule.

Please view the Service Policies for info which we always need with each request.

Payments are due by the time services begin for general booking and due at time of booking for requests on or around holidays to guarantee the requested slot for the always very busy days. You may pay online (ACH (e-check) via the emailed invoice or mail a check to: EaseMyMind,LLC, P.O. Box 12047, Killeen, TX 76547