Though our domestic feline friends are not out on the prowl for food and keeping good hunting skills up for plain out survival, they never really loose their predator instincts and may become obese and mentally under-stimulated and “lazy” with food readily available through free feed, as they are not designed to graze.

The Challenges Of Today’s Domestic Feline World

In today’s domestic setting we can observe a variety of unnatural, unhealthy behaviors like literally inhaling the food as soon as it touches ground and then eventually starting to gag and vomiting it up fully undigested. In multi-cat households it can be challenging because feedings need to be supervised to avoid the “vacuuming” cat to get into fellas food bowl causing one to end up starving… not all cats would fight for their food and defend their bowl.
Rescue cats which had a rough start in life or an extended span of roaming the “wild” may not ever loose this behavior of inhaling food like there is no other ever after.

Then there is the bored and lazy cat, the mentally not challenged which sees food as the only excitement in life and eating out of plain out boredom, which by the way can also speed up dementia in elderly cats as their brain is not challenged.
Though cats nap a great deal out of the day, doesn’t mean that they lazy by nature but our domestic setting bares this risk in making our cats exactly this lazy.
Remember, in the wild they have to WORK for their food… they have to FIND it and HUNT it! There they stay active until higher age.. or won’t survive. They don’t know any obesity out there.

Yay, Sounds Like A Solution And No Mice Involved!

The good news is, we don’t have to let a bunch of mice loose~ we can engage other sources for exercising our cats physically and mentally and also poke their hunting instincts with exciting interactive feeders and treat toys, it’s so much fun for kitty!
There is by now a pretty good selection on the market to choose from and even those labeled for dogs can be just as great for cats. Check out your local pet store for treat balls at your next shopping trip.

Yes, Those Look Like Fun

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze Sources: Catitdesign

From a cats prospective I could see that this Catit Design Senses Treat Maze here is quite a sack full of fun for Ms Kitty!

The food inside the Maze has to be pawed to fall through various holes and come out in the food tray on the bottom.
A rotating disc inside the maze allows for increasing or decreasing of the openings to adjust the difficulty level.



Trixie Snack Roll

Trixie Snack Roll Sources: Trixie Pet Products

The Trixie Snack Roll reminds me a bit of a toilet paper roll and I don’t mean it in a bad way.
Don’t cats like to bat for the toilet paper and chase after the roll?! ;)

Even better when it dispenses treats or why not filling it with actual food and let kitty have a hay day with it! Of course, this snack roll looks much better then the ordinary bathroom roll and it for sure more durable.


Aikiou Cat Feeding Station

Aikiou Cat Feeding Station Source:

My personal favorite is the Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeding Station for I think it is suitable for dry kibbles and canned food, simulating hunting mice in their mouse holes. The feeding tubes are of different heights and are interchangable and adjustable to add more interest and challenge.
It’s dishwasher safe so easy cleaning is also guaranteed.


A Final Thought And Caution

Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to decide which one of those or other available interactive feeding stations and toys so why not having a small (or large) variety for switching between different feeding stations for adding excitement and interest to the daily meals.

Interactive food delivery systems though should be monitored, especially when starting out with cats which have never been introduced to anything else then ordinary cat bowls or feeders. Overall it is important to ensure that kitty gets her appropriate daily amount of food and that it is fun and no frustration for our feline friend.

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