Why Is There A Holiday Surcharge?


Though rarely asked directly why there is a surcharge on federal holidays, it did indeed just happen that a client wasn’t happy about this added cost which is part of our pricing structure from day one of EaseMyMind’s existing, for seven years now.

What Are These Holiday Surcharges For?

Back when I was starting out and it was just me alone, I thought I deserve a little extra for working each and every holiday throughout the year and especially Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter and being away from my family for most hours of these days which often put a strain on especially my children as our Christmas or Thanksgiving had to evolve around my work.
I eventually after a few years of working 365 days per year, I started hiring employees but not without the believe that those employees too deserve this little extra for working each and every holiday throughout the year, our peak times in business.

From the “outsider’s eye” it might be difficult to see or simply not strike one’s mind that while the majority go visit friends or celebrate the holidays with their family, there are pet sitters out there on the roads, away from their own families and friends, taking great care of pets and people’s homes so they can travel and celebrate the holidays with their friends and families.

Those holiday surcharges and we really just charge per day and not per visit like other pet sitting companies, actually don’t disappear in the business’s pockets but go to the sitter’s paycheck as an incentive and ‘Thank You” for being there for our clients and their beloved pets on all these holidays.
To compare it with the restaurant business if you will, it is a bit like a gratuity but here for working on the special days which are so important to everyone.

So please don’t get upset about those holiday surcharges, it is an appreciation to our great pet sitters!


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