Why Does My Pooch Shred Tons Of Dog Toys?


How Does YOUR Dog’s Toy Basket Look Like Or Do You Have “roadkill” all over the house?

You are probably wondering why your dog are so attracted by anything noise making, squeaky things and find nothing more important at that moment then getting to the cause of the noise and tearing it out. Depending on the size of the dog and durability of the dog toy that can take not but a minute or he spends a great deal of time nibbling holes until the squeaker is out~ even better for Mr Pooch if there is fluffy stuffing to pull out of the way to the goal.

Why Do Dogs Not Care For The Toy To Last?

Even speaking of the domesticated dog from nowadays, the hunting instinct in most is still the same as in their ancestors and wild living kind. The toy is prey and must be hunted and destroyed and hey, you gave it to him like food is freely given to him so in dog’s mind it must be ey okay to kill the prey.
Pooch only needs little to no provocation to tear into this smaller then him “thang” which squeaks like a mouse or alike when chewing on it which startles him even more.
And ah ya, a ‘lil fuzzy squeaky stuffed animal in the mouth of a Great Dane or Rottie really doesn’t last but a short time.

Another reason might be boredom and access energy when there is nothing else to do as dogs are needing to be challenged and need to work~
Work in the shape of daily walks once or twice to get the energy out or even interactive toys might be all the pooch is needing to get away from tearing things up!

Finding Appropriate Dog Toys

Nowadays there are an awesome variety of chewing toys and I mean, size- and material (strength) appropriate toys from extra tough cloth to durable hard rubber, with or without squeakies, treat releasing or edible.
Check out your local pet store(s) or online.  Amazon for instance has a great selection or specialty sites like:


How many toys did your dog already shred? Have you found the ultimate tough toy? Drop us a line!


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