Why Do I Need To Tell My Departure And Return Times?


Almost sounds like having to tell my parents when I will be home, just curious why my pet sitters would want this information…

Coordination for seamless care, it’s all what it’s about.
The folks at boarding facilities, of course, recognize when a pet isn’t being picked up at the discussed pick up day and time and they keep taking care for the pooches, kitties and little critters until Mom or Dad is finally back.

In in-your-home care we have to work a little differently and though you request certain visits in particular time blocks, knowing the time you leave your home and return back to it helps scheduling mindful so your pet sitter doesn’t show up just an hour after you left and it won’t be too long between the last visit of your sitter and your return.

The expected return time give us the idea when we should get your notice of a safe return but often forgotten, we then try to get a hold of Mom and Dad and if impossible, we know that we must dispatch continued visits until we can get in contact with you.
Assuming a return but then experiencing a travel delay or worse, an accident can be devastating and we do everything to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

So not to be nosey, it’s all about the well-being of your fur kids ?


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