The Top 5 Problems Of A Doggy Day Care Vs A Daily Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter


Doggy Day Care sounds awesome, just like day care for our kids while we are going to work, doesn’t it?! Our children play all day, are having fun and learn things for life. Now, while we look at our dogs as being part of our family, a Doggy Day Care might be perfect for some dogs while others don’t take well to it at all.
It depends on the temperament of your pooch, how well he takes to a noisy place full with other dogs of all sizes and temperaments and overall there is still a difference between our two-legged and four-legged kids regarding interaction which with the latter there are certain risks to calculate.

Possible Problems Of Doggy Day Care –
Versus Using A Daily Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

  • Doggy Day Care: Some dogs might actually get quite nervous and anxious in the hyper and noise surrounding with all the other dogs. Especially if they haven’t been raised to socialize with others, the group dynamic might be rather stressful and changes in his overall behavior might be observed.         If a dog is rather on the shy side, he might be bullied from the more confident dogs and be left out of the group as in nature the strong are followed, similar to what our two-legged kids experience in school.
    Daily Dog Walker/Pet Sitter: Your dog is visited at his home and can be as shy or as confident as he wishes. It’s all about him in his own surrounding, enjoying outside time too potty and play or go on a daily walk. Overall a very serene and calming experience with the value of a certain routine and just as two-legged children, our dogs need and thrive of routines. It allows them to feel safe and content as they know what to expect.
  • Doggy Day Care: Your dog has to be dropped of in the morning and picked up in the evening within their facility’s opening hours. That’s fine as long as nothing out of the ordinary happens but if work calls for staying late or that traffic jam keeps us on the road for the extra half hour, it’s a struggle and stress.
    Daily Dog Walker/Pet Sitter: Since the dog walker or pet sitter visited your dog at home, no extra trip after work is needed and not even the traffic jam is too much of a deal other then maybe the frustration about the situation itself. Pooch is patiently waiting at home for Mom and Dad.
  • Doggy Day Care: With a setting of numerous dogs at a time there is not much to no room to one-on-one attention as the norm is just one or maybe two staff members attending and watching over the entire group where there also lies the risk of eventually not recognizing signs of a starting ‘disagreement’ amongst the dogs before it may come to an actual fight.
    Daily Dog Walker/Pet Sitter: The dog walker or pet sitter is solely there for your dog during the visit and it is all about what your dog needs and wants, including cuddles and kisses.
  • Doggy Day Care: Mingling with other [strange] dogs carries the risk of picking up on a disease like kennel cough or other contagious diseases. Though there is a vaccination requirement for Doggy Day Care, their is still no 100% protection. Factors like stress and anxiety can alter your dog’s immune system, making him prone to catching illnesses.
    Daily Dog Walker/Pet Sitter:
     Your dog is home in his own surrounding and going on walks by himself, not getting in touch with other dogs you don’t know. The risk of picking up on a disease is at almost zero.
  • Doggy Day Care: Depending on the facility and their set up, it is at some places not more then gathering dogs [usually at least by size] in a gated room for a free play scenario which is fine for a short period of time but at a setting of many hours it can cause young dogs to pick up on bad habits of their play buddies as their is no guided play.
    Daily Dog Walker/Pet Sitter:
     Your dog is supervised even for play time as not every game is good for every dog. Exercise here is not only provided with toy play but also age depending with a easy to brisk walk [or run], calling on other senses like smell and sight which gives just the right amount of excitement without being too overly excited.

I know, I know I said the Top 5 Problems but a 6th doesn’t hurt to mention ?

  • Doggy Day Care: Prices are per each dog taken to day care, depending on the facility and their pricing structure this may be with our without a discount for each additional pooch.
    Daily Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter:
     The majority of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers charge one price for at least up to 3 dogs and after that maybe an additional $2 or $3 per dog [we at EaseMyMind have one flat rate, no matter how many dogs]
    It’s almost guaranteed that for multi-dog-Moms/Dads a Doggy Day Care is more pricey.

Some Things To Consider Before Deciding

Whether a Doggy Day care or a Daily Walker/ Pet Sitter, consider your options or why not even try out both for a few days each. 
Ask yourself:  “What do I want for my dog/ what is my goal to achieve? Is it….”

  • Potty break during long work hours?
  • Socialization time for my dog?
  • Exercising for my dog?
  • Convenient service around my day’s agenda or am I myself flexible?
  • Companionship for my dog as I feel a bit guilty being gone all day?
  • Which service is more affordable since I have more then one dog?
Please find out more about our dog walkingmidday potty breaks and companionship for your dogs while you are at work.

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