The Pros And Cons Of Being A Professional Dog Walker


Let’s face it, most people are probably not taking the job of being a professional dog walker too serious and some might even kind of look down upon this profession.
The overall prospective is: “Oh, how fun and how easy of a job! No skills needed and making lots of easy money for a fun job.”

Though there is a reason why in this industry there is a rather high turn over on employees in professional dog walking and pet sitting companies and maybe even more so here in our Killeen and Harker Heights service area, indeed because of the Military.

Let’s look at both sides of the coin:

The Pros To Being A Professional Dog Walker

  • Though dog walkers of course have their appointments they must meet but it certainly is nowhere near like a stuck up 9-5 schedule and it also is often much more pleasant to speak to the four-legged doggy clients then experiencing the newest drama in an office setting.
  • Exercise in fresh air- no running at the gym needed after work 
    Yes, dog walkers have their exercise built-in their job~ killing two flies with one swat!
  • Oh… there is nothing better then seeing the happy faces when arriving with the leash and the dogs are already waiting impatiently for their dog walker, YES they know their schedule very well!
  • Happy and grateful dog Moms and Dads appreciating that their fur kids have gotten their exercise during work hours and are much more calm for Mom and Dad when coming home in the evening after a long work day.
    When they are happy, it makes their dog walker happy too.
  • Living in Military towns like Killeen and Harker Heights often doesn’t allow for having own dogs when renting an apartment or house and out of their love for dogs, people choose the profession of being a dog walker to do what they love most.

But Where There Are Pros, There Are Cons, Too

  • The sun isn’t always shining when going on the job or it is shining a tad bit too much. Dog walkers are out there in almost every weather, no matter if rain, sunshine, icy cold or hot as long as it is in the goods of the dogs.
  • Dog walkers cannot call in sick as easy as it might be working an office job. They are caring for living beings, fur kids who look forward to their walk and need to go outside for potty. A dog walker thinks twice or three times before disappointing their walking buddies.
  • Oh what a dog walker threats….. clients moving away! Again, especially Killeen and Harker Heights mostly means Military related clients and the time is counted before the next duty station calls. Each dog takes a piece of a dog walker’s heart with him.
  • Haha, and not to forget why dog walkers carry poo bags. Not to complain but definitely not the nicest or funnest part of a dog walkers job to pick up along the way, right?! 

What are your thoughts? Is professional dog walking an easy job or totally overrated?


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