The Dangers Of Halloween And How To Keep Your Pets Safe!


Candy Candy Everywhere

Dishes full of candy, ready for the Halloween night and even full dishes of candy after from what the kids collected. Not even out on the streets it might be candy-free as there is probably plenty dropped Tootsie Rolls and Starburst.

Keeping sweets out of reach of our pets is the safe way to go as sure some are curious or plain out gobble everything up they can find, once they have a spurt of boredom at least and watch the sidewalk on the next walk extra careful for pooch not find a left over candy!

Chocolate – lethal to dogs and the darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is for our four-legged friends! What makes chocolate so dangerous for dogs and cats as well is the ingredient theobromine which can cause vomiting and diarrhea but get even far more serious with seizures, cardiac arrest and respiratory failure!

Xylitol – Many are not aware of this sweetener being extremely dangerous for our pets when ingested and it’s more and more widely used in gum, mints, candy, baked goods and even toothpaste and kids vitamins!
Only a very small amount is needed to get a big dog seriously ill and be fatal for a small dog!
The most obvious signs for Xylitol poisoning is seizures as it impacts the insulin level which leads to a drastic drop of the dog’s blood sugar level and most often followed by liver damage and clotting.

Keeping Your Pets Safely Inside

Dogs and cats don’t know and cannot understand the big deal about Halloween and suddenly one night amounts of people running out in the streets, hollering and screaming, door bell ringing, shouting out ‘Trick or Treat’.

All pets should be safe and sound in the house and away from the door to avoid running outside in fear or work themselves out of the backyard and be lost or even get into ‘Flight or Fight’ mode and biting a kid out there.

And there are always the less friendly and harmless Trick or Treaters out there what find it funny to open back yard gates and see dogs run the neighborhood or even the cruel and superstitious individuals in the believe that cats [and especially black cats] on All Hallows Eve’ are a bad omen and need to be abused and worse! 

Decorating Your Home For Halloween

Take extra care of safely decorating you home as your pets could get tangled up in these extension cords we all like to use since we don’t have enough outlets for all those cool deco pieces.

Lighting that pumpkin is safer with an artificial candle rather then a real one in a pet household for sure, especially with our felines getting even on every shelve.

Small or fragile ornaments should be considered to be up high out of the reach of your dog as you just never know when that spurt of curiousness or boredom hits to go explore how this new thing taste.

Pet Costumes And Taking Dogs To Halloween Events

It sure is totally cute to see the little Dachshund wearing a hotdog outfit or the Dalmatian changing his spots for some skunk stripes but to be honest, I think we are the only ones finding it cute! It may frighten your cat or dog to suddenly be put in clothing and in warmer States the risk of a dog or cat overheating is not to take lightly.

See it with the eyes of your dog [on a much lower] eyesight, being amongst a crowd of people and actually weird and scary looking people and eventually loud and before unheard of noises. This is definitely stress for every dog, no matter how socialized he may be. We tend to forget that just because we have fun being out and about at big and noisy events doesn’t mean that our companions share this personal view.

Yes I can hear some saying “Cats and dogs cannot see that well to be frightened of a costume”.  I totally disagree as my youngest daughter dressed up like a cat last Halloween with face painting, ears and all. One of our boy cats, Teddy, suddenly noticed her and was scared to death, ears back, all puffed up, back arched and growling like we never heard him growling before. That’s proof that yes indeed, they see well enough!

You And Your Pet Have A Safe Halloween! 


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