Soothing And Healing Camomile For Your Pets- Easy, Awesome And Inexpensive


Camomile – The Soothing Healer

Some may know this rather ordinary flower for it’s soothing properties for human tummies or heard of it as a nerve calming home remedy but may have never given a thought of it’s use in treating common pet ailments.

Many sites speak of camomile being toxic to cats and dogs (and horses), though unfortunately leave out that this applies for the ingestion of the fresh and whole flower, bud or plant~ due to the camomile oil which in this form is very concentrated. As with all medicinal herbs (as well as pharmaceuticals), the correct way of administration, dilutions and amounts makes it either healing or toxic.

It’s actually pretty sad wanting to dismiss a great healing plant because though as a fresh herb it should not be given, the dilution of camomile or call it a stronger tea brewed from dried bulk camomile or even the convenient tea bag from the grocery store makes an awesome topical for treating raw and open wounds, cuts and scrapes!

Raw Wounds, Cuts And Scrapes

Camomile dilution (tea) applied directly to an open, raw wound won’t sting or burn but immediately soothe the pain and kill yeast and bacteria as being a natural disinfectant but without the unwanted side effect of killing the body’s own “good bugs” while speeding up the healing process.
Apply cool or lukewarm tea with a cotton ball twice to three times a day until wound is fully healed.

Sprains And Bruises

Here too camomile tea with help with it’s soothing properties and is best applied as a wrap to the particular area and left on for as long as the pet is fine with it. Lukewarm is possible the better choice here, simply for the sensation over too cold.
A clean dish towel or wash cloth works well for this purpose and again, two to three times a day is sufficient.

Eye Washes

Camomile tea due to it’s soothing properties is great for a wash of infected eyes without stinging or burning, best lukewarm to make it even more comfortable for the pet. They get used to it fast and won’t mind.

Ear Cleanings

Adding a tiny bit of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to the camomile tea makes a great ear cleaning solution. Gentle to the pet’s ears and best applied not too cold, take a cotton ball to wipe out the ears.

Camomile – Part Of My Home’s First Aid Cupboard

Camomile is a inherent part of my home’s natural first aid cupboard for the two legged and four legged family members in my own household for many, many years already and I would never want to miss it.
Give it a try and come back to let me know about your results and success with this easy but so awesome home remedy.


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