No, Pet Sitters Do Not Like Doggy Doors


We get the purpose of installing a doggy door to make it easy for the dogs to get out to potty whenever they feel they must go and also for the convenience of the owner to not always have to be present when pooch must go take care of business.

What we also get that if someone can get OUT, others and other things also can get IN and this is why WE do not like doggy doors and especially when we come in place to take care of your pets and your home while you are away.

The general acceptance is that we are “selling” feeding pets, walking dogs and poop scooping your yard…. we actually don’t!

We Don’t “Sell” Feeding Pets, Walking Dogs And Poop Scooping

What we “sell” is peace of mind for you and the trust that your home and your pets are safe and secure!!
How can we do that when there is a door to your home wide open at all times?! No, the flap doesn’t keep intruders out! And oh, doggy doors are in the perfect spot for a burglar… away from the street and away from the public sight and neighbor’s eyes, in the backyard and often the backyard easily accessible through a latched only gate.
Not only that but easy to fit an arm through the doggy door, reach up and unlock the door all together.

How Can We Stick To Our Promise?

How can we stick to our promise of peace of mind for you and follow our security and safety precautions and policiesour sitters are trained on to keep your pets and your home secure when a doggy door works actively against us and those policies?
Not only that but it puts a sitter in an unsafe position going into a house where someone could be just in full action inside gathering all valuable items…. the sitter would walk into your home, being totally unaware and then what?!

‘Doggy door’ is a term that I actually flinch on when I hear it on the phone or I’m told: “I only need y’all to come once a day because my dogs have a doggy door they can come in and out as they please”

Really?! Humm,…. no I’m sorry. We require a minimum of 2 visits a day to ensure at least every 12 hours that your pets and your home are safe and secure.

So What About The Risks For Your Pets, You Ask?

Let face that we live in Texas and there are also all kind of critters living we not only NOT want in our homes but also could potentially harm our pets. Snakes, skunks, racoons and alike are very smart and figure out this doggy door quite quickly.

Your dog has access to the outside at all times but how often do we have trouble with loose fence boards, digging dogs and if it is not your pooch digging, it might be your neighbor’s.
Are you sure that your lawn service always closes your gate back up after mowing?
And what about those teenagers who thought it is quite funny to open all latched only gates in the neighborhood and let all dogs loose?
Am I paranoid?! Actually no I’m not but this is experience gathered over our seven years in business. Our policies and procedures and employee manuals are gatherings of experience of which maybe not every pet sitter out there can give you.

And see here, it happens:
Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth were burglarized with thieves coming through the doggy doors
In Seattle they even came through a tiny doggy door

I’m not writing this to scare you or to lecture, I’m writing this with my sincere concern for our all clients homes and “OUR” pets, we want them safe and secure.

Please Consider This While You Are Gone

EaseMyMind, I encourage you to keep this doggy door closed while you away.

Be careful how you choose your [professional] pet sitter you let in your home, as I think we can agree that we are speaking of the two most precious and important things in life~ your pets and your home!

What are your thoughts?


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