Did Your Vet Tell You What Really Happens When Declawing Your Cat?



my dearest Sofa~ I had a great but oh so short time with you…!

Maybe the curse of a feline owner to never be allowed to ever have pretty looking furniture?!

Way too quickly now the phone call to the Veterinarian is done and an appointment for a de-claw scheduled.By the way a procedure which is illegal and considered animal cruelty in many European countries! Veterinarians here actually don’t explain what declawing involves.

What Does De-Clawing Really Mean?

De-clawing is NOT the removal of the claw from each toe, no, de-clawing is actually the
AMPUTATION of the cat’s toes by the first knuckle.
To speak in human hand, it’s taking a third of the finger off.

As a human wouldn’t be able to feel with the now missing fingertips and being handicapped with anything we do with our hands~ A cat is loosing much more then just a sense of feeling and their scent glands but also her ability to defend herself when happen to get outside and alters the cats mobility in running, walking, climbing and stretching.

Sure enough it now prevents the clawing damage on surfaces but in return it may trigger other “bad behaviors” [which now is really not caused by the cat but rather by the human] like not doing business in the litter box anymore and rather finding a soft and more comfortable surface like… you guessed in right, furnishings(!) instead of painful to scoop and walk in litter.

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