Did You Know That You Could Save Your Pet From Over-Vaccination?


The Scare And Mass Hysteria?!

You must vaccine for this ailment and since we’re at it, this is a scare of the year too…. does it ever stop?
It’s business and an abundance of revenue because it is so easy to make money of fearful people…. scare them enough with putting horror stories out about dying and diseased folks and pets, mass hysteria guaranteed. Who’s benefiting?

Now the media (aka pharmaceutical industry) found a new source of revenue and scare dog owners that they must vaccinate their dogs for the flu! Really?!!

It’s getting truly out of hand with how often pets need to get boosters for rabies, distemper, bordetella, canine hepatitis, parvovirus…. my head is spinning…. I’m sure I forgot to list a few…
Cities and states already require certain vaccines to be renewed on an annual basis like rabies while other areas allow for a 3-year period, other vaccinations are not required by the city or the State but sure enough especially when boarding cats or dogs or make use of a doggy day care.
Of course it is important to ensure that pets don’t cross-contaminate when getting together for those daily play dates or staying at a public facility and eventually picking up on what the pooch from before suffered from.

AND: Vaccination does not give a 100% guaranty that your pet doesn’t pick up the particular disease! It a hit or miss and some praying, just like the yearly flu shot where we hope that not the other but given strain of influenza hits~ 50% hit or miss.

The Titer Test~ 
Why Does Almost Nobody Know About It?

Though, there is always just the big scare put out what all those diseases cause and do to your pet and that it WILL happen if you do not vaccinate your dog or cat religiously but why is no or almost no Veterinarian [I have to say no because I haven’t had a Veterinarian ever tell me about titer tests] educating and advising their clients about the possibility to test the pet’s antibodies?? The Titer Test is a simple blood test to find out if a pet has enough to be immune for a particular disease or if a booster shot is necessary.

What are antibodies?

When a living being’s body [human, animal, plant] is attacked by bacterias, viruses and fungi, the individual’s self defense system [when working properly] IMMUNE SYSTEM is kicking in and building antibodies to fight attacking intruders. Like a mini war if you will.

Giving a vaccine is a purposeful initiation of such mini war, for the body to produce antibodies to fight the just injected virus.
Once the antibodies are produced and fought the virus, chances are that the body becomes immune to those intruders as i.e. the chicken pocks in humans… you eventually only once in your life get a series of boosters and not anymore.

Why should this not happen for other forms of viruses too? Why is the popular believe that a vaccine must be given each and every year until a pet passes?
Why not rather performing a titer test to see if a vaccination is even necessary or if eventually the dog or cat is already immune to certain diseases?

Listen to Dr. Karen Becker, DVM talk about the truth of pet vaccines and titer testing

Vaccines Might Have The Reverse Effect

Tricky and eventually even dangerous it gets when the pet develops an allergic reaction to the given vaccine~ keep in mind, we are speaking of life or dead viruses injected, initiating this “mini war” in the pet’s system… quite a battle to fight [just think of how we feel after some shots]
Lethargy, loss in appetite, vomiting are signs for a reaction to i.e. rabies or distemper. The pets needs to be taken to the Veterinarian immediately and will be usually kept to monitor in the event the pet would go into allergic shock.
Experiencing this once, this particular vaccine cannot be given anymore.

Vaccines And Elderly Pets

Seeing that vaccinations are not easy on the body, especially the owners of elderly pets want to rethink and retire their dog or cat from the annual booster shots~ Mr Pooch and Ms Kitty won’t mind skipping this Vet visit…

Will you ask your Veterinarian about titering?

Listening to Dr. Karen Becker, DVM explaining what Veterinarians learn in Vet school, keep in mind that you might run into reluctance regarding anything different than the traditional common views on vaccinations as it is still taught and with the suspicion that lobby Pharma industry has strong connections as it is money we are talking here.

Look at your pet, your fur kid and you know you will do him/her right when making an educated decision even though it means to swim against the (still) mainstream and being a step ahead of the game.

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