Best Dog Walking Trails In Killeen And Harker Heights


Though Killeen and Harker Heights are definitely not as dog friendly as the city of Austin with it’s liberal views on taking our four-legged friends on a stroll through the city and stopping off at our favorite cafe’s patio and numerous parks and trails which allow our dogs to walk and swim with us but to be fair and absolutely noteworthy for dog walking trails is our nearby Dana Peak Park at the Stillhouse Hollow Lake in Harker Heights!

Dana Peak Park Trails- Adventure For The Entire Family

Dana Peak Park is a great recreational area for the entire family [dogs and horses included! YAY!] with camp grounds, water sports, mountain biking and maintained facilities with bathrooms.
While the park itself is closed for the winter times, the trails are open and accessible all year around just depending what you and your dog view as suitable hiking or running weather.
Make sure you have a sufficient amount of water with you while walking with your dog for the both of you as there are various lengths of trail loops about 2-8+ miles long with many single side tracks to explore, ranging from easy to moderate with a couple of steeper climbs [not really flip-flop material]

How To Get There

From Hwy 190 take exit FM 2410 [Knights Way] and follow the road for about 3 miles until Comanche Gap Rd. Turn onto Comanche Gap and travel until you see the entrance to Dana Peak Park. You can actually park at the Cul-de-sac prior to the park entrance or pay $2.00 to enter. The trails are accessible either way.

View Larger Map

Though there is not really a great map on the actual trails available, the hand drawn map here should give a good glance while the paths are maintained and easy to follow.

Have you taken the trails already? Or plan to take your dog for a hike or walk to the Dana Peak Trails?
We would love for you to share your experience in the comments below


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