Are Dogs In The Open Back Of Trucks Really Safe?


As I rode down Hwy 190 from Killeen towards Copperas Cove, I had a Pickup truck right in front of me with two big dogs on the truck bed running back and forth, left to right and back…
I see it all the time and get really nervous about it out on the highway with the busy traffic and high speed! Unfortunately there is no law (yet?) in the State of Texas against carrying pets unsecured and unprotected in the back of open vehicles but I’m wondering about people’s common sense and caring for the security and safety of their four-legged companions?
Yes, I know many dogs seem to like to hang their noses out of a car window to pick up all those exciting smells what travel along [which is also a huge concern] but really out in the open on a truck bed at 60 to 75mph speeds???

The Dangers

Jumping Out Of The Driving Vehicle

It doesn’t matter if this would happen from traveling excitement or anxiety, getting spooked by a loud motorcycle or nearby freight train or seeing another dog in the car in the other lane…. just imagine! your dog jumping out on the highway and getting hit by the following traffic! Not only that but it also endangers other drivers down to fatal accidents to dogs and involved parties.

Jumping Off The Truck At A Red Light

Now the dog runs across the intersection, disoriented and scared right into oncoming traffic and getting hurt or worse in a possible pile up of cars.

I Keep My Dog Secure With Leashing On The Truck Bed

So what happens here when the dog jumps/tries to jump of the truck? Yes sure, he doesn’t make it down to the road as the leash holds him back but the leash also becomes the killer… suffocating or breaking the dogs neck!

What About The Texas Summer Heat?!

Ever walked barefoot on metal or dark surface? I often in the summer already have trouble touching the steering wheel in my car just for a few seconds at a time before the AC cools it down, I definitely don’t feel like walking barefoot on any dark or metal surface.
I still see dogs on truck beds… hot either plain metal surfaces or with those black truck bed liners and bare dog paws or a dog trying to lay down, ugh!

Sudden Stops In Crowded Traffic And At Red Lights

It’s Mr Newton’s law of Motion that at sudden stops and sharp turns a mass [body] still remains in motion hence gets tossed possibly off the sides of the truck or slammed into the cabin of the truck.

Getting In An Accident

A driver and his passengers must buckle up by law for prevention of getting hurt inside the vehicle or from being ejected through the windshield when getting in an accident but what happens to the dog in the back of the truck?
I decided against adding pictures of results of those dangerous situations to this blog post~ they can be easily found on Google but be aware…. they are very graphic!

Please Keep Your Dog Safe!

If it need be and a dog cannot be in the cabin of the vehicle, keeping the dog crated WITH the crate tightly secured TO the truck is the safest solution at least for keeping him from falling off the truck bed and even special truck crates are now available.
Of course the hot summer temperatures are still a concern and a cover should be attached to keep the bright sun away and water available for extended trips to prevent heat stroke and dehydration which can happen in a matter of very short time periods!

Please read the Texas Police Association Pet Safety Tips HERE


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