6 Tips How To Get The Best Pet Sitter In Killeen And Harker Heights?


Of course a major part is on the pet sitter but you too can do a lot to ensure that your pet sitter can actually do a superb job with caring for your beloved furry family members.
A pet care provider or pet sitter heavily relies on information and instructions given to him or her as everyone’s routine is different and not to forget that pet sitter take care of numerous homes of which each and every is different.

So What Can You Do To Ensure That Your Pets Have A Great Time, You Are Wondering?

1.) The Initial Consultation:
Here you have the chance to let your pet sitting professional know what you would like
them to do and to walk them through your pet care routine so they fully understand
and have to do no guess work in taking care of your pets the same way you do.

2.) Food For Your Pets:
It is important to make sure of having enough food for your pets at home to last for the
days you are going to be gone. While your pet sitter would get food at the pet store
when needed, it will stress the pet sitter first trying to find out if there is more stored
somewhere in the house, then notifying you of being short on pet food and after all it
adds to the pet care bill for a shopping trip plus the cost of pet food.

3.) Treats For Your Babies:
Pet sitters always appreciate if they are allowed to spoil your pets with a treat,
especially to sweeten the end of a visit until the next. [pet love this part too  ]

Even more important when you too are giving treats on a regular basis or for certain
occasions, you want to ensure to have enough sitting out for your pet sitter or store it in
the location you have given at the Meet and Greet. Don’t forget to let your pet sitter
know of the acceptable amount your pets can have at a visit or throughout the day.

4.) Supplies:
Please make sure to have things like enough litter to replenish the box, waste bags,
scooper by the litter box, poop bags, cleaner, paper towels and extra bedding and
towels available and easily accessible.
It helps your pet sitter tremendously to not have to search for items or trying to be
inventive but rather spend it with quality time for your pets.

5.) Changes To Pet Care And Home Instructions:
There comes the time when the first Meet and Greet lies far in the past and information
given back then are outdated as things change over time.
Here lies a very common problem a pet sitter often runs into as he or she of course does
not know of these changes unless being made aware of.
Chances are that your professional pet sitter provides an online system especially for
you to keep all your information up to date, from pet care instructions down to where
the paper towels are to be found.
This is very crucial to 1. ensure proper care for your pets and 2. to avoid wasting time in
search for needed items around your home [pet sitters feel very uncomfortable when
having search through your home]

6.) Now, ENJOY Your Time Away!
Enjoy your trip, have a sack full of fun and look forward to your pet sitter’s updates
including pictures of your babies! Know that your pet sitter is taking care of your pets
and your home on a very personalized and loving level and don’t have to feel guilty that
you left your pet at home because actually…. your pets are having a sack full of fun as


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