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In many years I haven’t quite found the answer to why cats like boxes so much and in particular the cardboard kind of container. And it doesn’t seem to matter if big or small or tiny kinda box or tiny kitten or gianormeous Main Coon, they just LOVE IT :)

So I gave up to search for the reasons and just accept~  It is what it is!


Check It Out What Killeen And Harker Heights Cats Are Up To!

Bulls Eye3

Peak-a-Boo – making use of the discarded shipping box for Bulls Eye’s new cat condo.
She looks a little like saying “Hey, what are you doing peaking in my house?!”


Picture 765

Sometimes no box may be available but kitty, of course, is inventive and finds other
objects to fit in.
Mel discovered that the wood bowl fits him like a snug glove! :D



Catnip adds a whole sack full of fun to the box deal and keeps the mess somewhat
contain(er)ed….. Pumpkin fully agrees to that!



“What do you mean with you need this box for storage?”…… “Okay well, the box
stores Mr. Priss now, go find yourself your own box.”



Be environmentally friendly and recycle your gift boxes is the way to go. JoJo is an advocate and leads the way with good example. :D

[And do not try to get him outta there, haha.]



Oh, and cats surely love presents too and what else then giving their gift in a….. BOX! :)
Well, maybe Mizpah and Boots have to work on the sharing part ;)


To Be Continued……..


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