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Peanut Butter Alert! – Contains Your Dog’s Peanut Butter Xylitol?

Peanut Butter Alert! – Contains Your Dog’s Peanut Butter Xylitol?

Peanut Butter – An Easy And Inexpensive Dog Treat

Peanut Butter, many dogs LOVE it for the nutty sweet taste and dog owners for it inexpensiveness and easiness to fill Kongs and other stuffable dog toys. Even better frozen in the hot summer months!

The new hype though with everyone trying to go low sugar, low calorie is that brands substitute real sugar with the sweetener xylitol but you won’t be aware unless you read labels.
For your four legged friends though this can be a fatal mistake!


Xylitol – A Dangerous Sweetener For Your Dog

We know Xylitol for years for mainly being used in sugar-free gum and also know that these are toxic to animals but now have to be aware that this sweetening substitute made it into other foods.
Xylitol when ingested tricks the pancreas with thinking that it is real sugar, triggering the release of insulin which in return causes the body to remove glucose (drop in blood sugar) and then results in acute hypoglycemia.
Symptoms for hypoglycemia are weakness, lethargy, vomiting, tremors, disorientation and even potential seizures!

That not be enough, Xylitol can also cause hepatic necrosis in dogs leading to acute liver failure. Though for that to happen it seems that it would have to be given in higher dosages and over a prolonged time.

It does not take much of this sugar subsitut to trigger hypoglycemia- only 0.045 grams per pound of body weight but though it does not sound all that much, a typical stick of gum already contains 0.3 – 0.4 grams!


Please Read Labels

Please make sure to always read labels before you give any human products to your dogs and be alerted when you read “sugar free” or “no sugar added” to make sure those are not indicated for sugar being substituded. Peanut butter is just one food product containing Xylitol but you can find this sugar substitute also in medications and supplements like in some fish oil or vitamin brands.

Known peanut butter brands with Xylitol:

  • Go Nuts, Co
  • Krush Nutrition
  • Nuts ‘N More
  • P28 Foods


Aim For An All Natural Product

Of course your dogs don’t have to give up on their favorite peanut butter stuffed Kong toy and peanut butter is overall a healthy treat alternative when chosen the right product, all natural and with no added sugar or sugar substitutes – for happy and healthy pups.


What do you have in your pantry with Xylitol?


photo credit: JeepersMedia Jif Peanut Butter with Omega-3 Creamy, 12/2014, by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube #Jif #Peanut #Butter #Omega #3 via photopin (license)

How Do I Keep My Dog From Digging Up My Yard

It sure is true that it takes quite some maintenance to have a nice, presentable and usable GRASSY backyard with especially larger canine family members romping around, running along the fence to socialize or argue with the neighbor dogs and of course poo-ing.
I see dog owners at loss when their canines develop their habit of having a blast turning the yard into holey field…. you have a digging problem! And they sure have a different opinion of how the perfect hang-out area should look like.


So What To Do??

Always supervising them while outside? — That gets old fast and you wanna be able to do other things in the meantime and not restrict outside time to just a few minutes to go poo…

Scolding them? — Nah, that doesn’t work because bad attention is attention too and that’s exactly what your dog loves, attention from you…

Well, and praising him doesn’t make sense either lol

The “Quick” Fix

Covering dug up areas with chicken wire. I know.. It’s not pretty for the moment but keeps your pup from digging as it’s not comfortable and he is not getting anywhere with the chicken wire in place.
Just make sure that the cut edges are not poking upwards to hurt your pup. Your grass gets some rest to grow back or you want to spread some new grass seed out.


The Fun Zone

How about embracing what your dog loves so much?

A designated fun area! Just pick an area of your yard like off to the side but still in sight so your pup still feels like part of the party when you are out there too and fence off this partition.

You can really deck that out nicely with a fence style of your choice if you don’t like chicken wire, like wooden posts with robe or modern wire cables.
If you choose a corner of your yard, you can hang a sun sail in the corner for a shady area and even a cool dog house for nap time.

image credit:minimotives.com

image credit:minimotives.com


If the idea of building a cool dog house got your hooked,
check out these sites for building plans:





You can keep a grassy area for going poo (lovely because the rest of your yard is not a land mine field anymore)
and to get back to the digging issue, you could have a good sized spot within this fun area covered with sand or even put up a large sand box like you’d have for two-legged toddlers …. overall you pooch is your fur kid, right?! 🙂

Now to add even more to the excitement, burry dog toys and/or treat bones in the sand and you can only imagine how much FUN this not only is for your dog but also for you watching him having a blast while enjoying YOUR area dig-(and poo)spot-free!


Got another idea to keep dogs from digging? Would love to hear from ya.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Itchy And Dry Feet? Here An Easy Remedy How You Can Give Him Relief.

You may have noticed that your dog is often nibbling on his paws or licking in between his toes, even to the extend to were it gets all red and raw. Uhhh, I can imagine how it must be to have itchy hands and feet!


Seasonal And Food Allergies As The Cause

Often caused by seasonal allergies or food allergies which can be quite a process to find out the exact cause and lots of trial and error to find the perfect food without the ingredients causing the issues, there are some easy “home” remedies to give your pups some relief from the symptoms.

When you suspect seasonal allergies so pollen causing the discomfort, it is wise to rinse your dog’s feet when coming in from the yard or after a walk.
Especially grass and tree pollen are known triggers and of course stick to your dog’s feet and fur. Just look at your car in the spring time and you can imagine what is all stuck to your pup 😉

Either a garden hose or a small sized bucket to give a quick rinse will do the trick and of course a towel to dry off. Your pooch will get into the routine.


An Easy And Inexpensive Recipe

For irritation, itchiness and dry, cracked pads here is an easy and fairly inexpensive salve you can make from just two single ingredients:
[Best choice is always all organic ingredients]

2 Table Spoons Coconut Oil
10 Drops of Lavender Oil

[for bigger batches just multiply the amounts equally]

Heat up the Coconut Oil in the microwave or on the stove and mix in the Lavender Oil, then put in a container with lid and apply as needed to the entire paw, in between the toes and massaging into the pads.
The Coconut Oil salve will harden once cooled but it melts in your hands so it’s easy to apply.

A soothing and safe “paw conditioner” for your pup!


Drop me a line to let me know how you like it 🙂

Yikes, Who Knew That Pet Sitting Cost You Taxes 20 Times A Year?!

Wow, I just realized how often I actually make tax payments throughout the year with being a pet sitting business owner! Or to be more specific, with being a business owner with employees since I choose to not take the “easy” way out trying to run my biz with Independent Contractors to save some bucks.

It’s a whooping 20 times!!

12 x 941 Federal Income Tax
4 x 940   Federal Unemployment Tax
4 x TWC State Unemployment Tax

and now I got reassessed by the TX State Comptroller to pay/do my sales tax return quarterly instead of annually, so I add

4 x THAT to the mix.

Oh… but hold on, that’s “just” the biz part. I can’t forget about my own tax obligation, I’m also required to make quarterly Estimated tax payments. So adding another 4 tax payments

= Grand total: 24 times!!

No, I’m not complaining.

It is what it is and I just came to realize these numbers. But it is definitely something which “outsiders” are not seeing when I get phone calls just asking for our prices and then even some being ticked off at me how “expensive” our rates would be.

I agree 🙂 It is expensive….. to run a business the correct way in the means of paying employee wages and meeting obligations like employment taxes, unemployment taxes and personal taxes to give the government it’s share and to be part of the society and social system.
It all boils down to the greater picture!

So these “high” rates for pet sitting as some rant about, even may at some point pay social benefits to exactly those folks when they should ever have the need for it like food stamps or welfare and don’t let us forget about our great soldiers, they too are paid by all of us, the tax payers.

With that in mind, I don’t feel all so bad when I yet make #19 of my 24 tax payments throughout the year 😉


PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my CPA, John Lister INC., P.C. in Copperas Cove, TX and especially Janice at my CPA’s office for keeping track of all those due dates and deadlines for me, you rock!